Musical Utena Meta for the 2022 Empty Movement Secret Santa!

The Empty Movement community has a long and proud history of Secret Santa projects. Recently, Discord moderator melanie took over the process, for which I thank her forever and ever from the bottom of my heart. I often use the Secret Santa to kick my ass into gear about making something new.

This year, I was Rat’s Santa, and after seeing the words ‘musical’ on their prompt? Welp. What I have here is me crash coursing my way through the Elementor software for building pages by jamming an absolute BUTTLOAD of musical Utena content into one place. Tidbits, observations, bits and pieces that wouldn’t really fit anywhere else, but absolutely MUST be found again by some new Utena fans in a decade. The 2018 and 2019 musicals changed my life, and are how Rat found Utena in the first place! So this felt like a perfect moment to journey through a wild experience and massive amount of content we compiled about these shows. Explore, enjoy, and look forward to us streaming the shows again!