Content Drop!! The Sega Saturn game’s graphic assets, ripped and ready for play!!

Have you ever just wanted to rip the graphic assets of a video game so you can reassemble them for your own nefarious needs? For example, to make a visual accompaniment to audio skits from the Sega Real Doll bonus CDs for Utena and Anthy? Or perhaps you just want a shit ton of little spinny rose icons to cover your Windows desktop?

Well, have we got the food for you! Thanks to teasot of the Empty Movement discord mod team, the graphic assets of the 1998 Revolutionary Girl Utena ~ Story of the Someday Revolution Sega Saturn video game are here and ready for you to grab!!

This is sort of a test run of the download option for items in the new gallery. Cuz look. The assets comprise of hundreds of tiny little PNGs that would just clog up the gallery proper like hell, so what I did was make contact sheets, where you can view and get an idea of the contents, and attached zip files to grab them. We have three different flavors on tap for you today:

The Complete GUI

This honestly shockingly slim 24MB zip contains the original rip of the entire graphic contents of the CD-ROM. It’s unsorted beyond the original, and gives you the full experience!!! It might seem small, but it’s over 1,700 individual files. Wow! Check it out in the gallery, where you can take a peek at the contents across two very very overpacked contact sheets, lmao.

Just the Character Models

Wanna slim things down? Have a goal in mind with the characters? This is a slim 2MB and contains all the character stills, and their alternative eyes and mouths. Make ’em do what you want? Is this me hinting at how easily these could be repurposed? Yes.


TFW you know what you’re about, and you’re about roses. This is a trim <1MB, and is JUST any graphic element that is a rose. Colorful roses. Tiny roses. Crests. Logos. A couple extra things. But if you’re after new icons and such, this is the place, BAYBE.

AS ALWAYS, please credit teasot and Vanna of Empty Movement for any uses, and OMG if you do use them LET US KNOW?? WE’D LOVE TO SEE???

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